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Potter-Highlands Addition

Addition to a House in the Potter-Highlands Historic District in Denver, CO

Archileaf was tasked with designing a renovation, small addition and basement digout of a historic house in Denver, CO.

Located in the Potter-Highlands Historic District, Archileaf worked closely with the owner and developer to rejuvinate the house and take advantage of the large side yard while complying with Landmark Preservation Guidelines.

Originally constructed in 1903, this simple victorian house underwent a couple previous additions including a craftsman style front porch and two story rear additon. Upon demo of previous remodel materials, the house was discovered to have a large opening facing the side yard that was covered with CMU block and finished with an exposed aggregate stucco material.

We decided to use the existing opening to create a small side kitchen addition with minimal impact to the original house. The addition opens up to the side yard with large windows, connecting the kitchen and breakfast nook to the outside and facing the moring sun. A small mud entry with a bench and coat hooks was also added to allow for splitting the house into two units and maintaining rear entries to both units. The existing rear entry was converted the the main basement apartment entry.

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Potter-Highlands | Denver, CO



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