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Consulting Services

Archileaf, LLC specializes in consulting with other professionals in the AEC and Real Estate fields. Below is an outline of our primary consulting services. Please reach out to us if you have any other architecture or development related needs to see if we can help!

Point Cloud BLK360 Lidar Scanner in Denver, CO


Point Cloud Scanning

Archileaf uses the BLK360 G2 Scanner to perform Lidar scanning services ranging from residences to streetscapes to multi-story buildings.


Revit As-Builts

Archileaf uses Revit to develop As-Built Models based on field measures, historical documentation, existing plans, or point cloud scanning. Combine this with our Point Cloud scanning service for highly accurate as-builts.

220427_2841 N Perry St_As-Built_edited.j


HVAC Manual J, S & D

Archileaf performs ACCA Manuals for residential HVAC Design. The manuals we provide include Manual J (Load Calculations), Manual D (Duct Design) and Manual S (Equipment Selection).

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