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Potter-Highland Historic District Infill

Residential Infill Construction in the Potter-Highlands Historic District

This is a complex residential project combining the strict requirements of the Potter-Highlands Historic District and the owners desire for a low-carbon, energy efficient home. The design is based on the Italianate building form common throughout the district, while combining many energy efficient features including double stud walls with dense pack cellulose, real wood siding, true timber posts and beams, and reclaimed brick and recyclable steel for exterior materials. The home also uses a screen grid type ICCF foundation for the basement to allow an accessory dwelling unit which uses recycled foam material and allows for a significant reduction in the amount of concrete compared to conventional foundations. The south side fenestration also features variable sized overhangs scaled to each window to shade the windows during the summer. The depths are optimized to fully shade the windows during summer solstice.

The Data


Original Construction Date

Potter-Highlands, Denver, Colorado


Design Commission Date



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